Frequently Asked Questions

How is the KLETTLED attached?

The Velcro closure system consists of two different straps, which snap into each other. One of these straps is sewn at the back of the LED strip. The other band lends the set sufficient length. This band can be sewn on any fabric. For this purpose, each of our sets includes pins and a sail needle. Of course, all needles are made of stainless steel so you can continue using them on board. The strap can be fixed on wood or with double-sided adhesive tape on smooth surfaces as well.

How long is the extension cable?

On the side of the LED strap, are 15cm cable with a waterproof connector. On this connector is a cable, which is 4 meters long. On the other site it has a plug for the cigarette. The dimmer has an extension cable in a length of one meter. Including dimmer 5 meters are available.

Can I connect several LED strips?

Basically yes, as the cleanest solution, however, we recommend to use a Y-splitter cable with the appropriate waterproof connectors. Please ask if you are interested.

Are custom-made products possible?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with an offer for your needs. Just let us know what you want. We will then present you a relational concept.


KLETT LED is delivered in the practical deep-drawn EVA pack. A zipper protects against loss of the individual parts. The pack can be hung up on the loops.