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At CIRNAPRO we work with CAD-CAM Software. We manufacture self-developed consumer products and industrial components from 1 to 300 pieces, in accordance with customers' drawings or samples. We not only construct the component we think about how the component will be used later on and how much stress will be put on it. 

about our company


After running several companies as a mechanical engineer in Germany and sailing around the world for a couple of years, I gained a lot of experience in different industries. 


We sell only high-quality products that we trust.

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We are able to deliver according to VDA 6.1 and PPAP, but also UN38.3 and other regulations have already been implemented by us.



A great and nearby network of material and grafting suppliers is a guarantee for short turn-around times. For years we are supplying our happy customers with milled and lathe-made parts in small sample quantities. They order fine casting parts starting from 300 pcs, special-made cold forged screws from 1000 pcs on a recurring basis.


Plastics technology

A customer is dissatisfied with his previous lithium battery . Out of date design, the charger, which is housed in an easily damaged housing at the same time as the battery, quickly fails under conditions of use in the outdoor area. Further consumers cannot be connected.


In close cooperation with the customer, we developed a stable, moisture-proof housing for the battery with a separate charger. The long contacts make it possible to connect several consumers at the same time. Since there is a risk of the poles being short-circuited by tools carried by the customer at the same time, an additional neoprene cover was developed.


Plastics technology

We're using our own 3D printer for part clamping devices, sample, and zero-line production parts.
For higher molding quantities we're working with sub-suppliers.


3D Printing


Lithium Technology

All parts are customer-specific labeled. All conditions and tests for a successful sale, such as UN test, safety data sheets, packaging instructions in compliance with ADR, IATA and IMO for worldwide shipping by road, air or sea, have been commissioned by us and taken into account.

The customer receives a fully packaged, labeled and tested product from us.